Buildings & Energy Codes

SWEEP promotes the adoption of programs and policies that increase the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings. Our work includes:

  • Participating in utility energy efficiency program planning, especially building code support and above code incentive programs
  • Developing and deploying case studies of exemplary programs and practices in the region
  • Improving transparency of building energy consumption and energy efficient features
  • Advocating for energy code advancements at the state and local levels
  • Collaborating with national and regional organizations to promote a common framework for advancing energy efficiency in buildings in the southwestern U.S.

More information about SWEEP's building efficiency program activities is available below:

  • Energy Codes and Best Practices
    Describes the status of current state and local codes, and provides information on above-code policies and best practices for implementing energy codes.
  • High Performance / Zero-Energy Homes 
    Describes how homebuilders can achieve 50% or greater energy savings in new homes by combining highly efficient homes with renewable energy systems. Includes profiles of high performance home programs and projects, technical reports and links to information resources.
  • Energy Efficiency Publications and Resources
    A library of publications by SWEEP on energy efficiency technologies, programs, policies and legislation.

Contact Us

For more information about SWEEP's work on Buildings & Energy Codes, please contact:

Jim Meyers, Senior Associate, Director Buildings Efficiency Program / @energymeyers