Utah Building Energy Codes

Effective July 1, 2012, all new residential and commercial buildings built in Utah must comply with the minimum provisions of the Utah amended 2012  International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). New commercial buildings in the state will need to comply with all of the provisions of the 2012 IECC or standard 90.1-2010. The Utah Building Code Commission and its adhoc committees found no need to amend the base 2012 IECC.  For residential new construction the 2012 IECC was amended and prescriptively is very similar to their earlier and less efficient 2006 IECC with a few amendments.

The residential code requires duct testing when a percentage threshold is exceeded for location in unconditioned spaces, and a blower door test with leakage better than 5ACH is an optional test and not mandatory as in the base 2012 IECC. 

IECC training and resources are provided to builders and local building code departments through the State Energy Program, Division of Occupation and Licensing (DOPL), and utility providers Questar Gas and PacifiCorp.

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