Energy Efficiency Financing Programs - Nevada

Revolving Loans For Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency And Energy Conservation

  • Program Sponsor: Nevada State Office of Energy
  • Summary/Status:  According to statute, all repayments on loans, and other income derived from loans, must be added back into the fund to be redistributed as additional loans.  The program is now in Phase Two, which is awarding loans to the following types of projects:
    • Construction or expansion of a renewable energy system
    • Construction or expansion of an energy conservation project
    • Construction or expansion of an energy efficiency project
    • Manufacturing of components for renewable energy systems


  • Sectors: Not specified, but mostly appropriate for large businesses
  • Geographic Scope: NA
  • Types of Measures: Any renewable energy, energy efficiency or conservation project
  • Other Qualifying Criteria: NA

Loan terms

  • Interest Rate: 3%
  • Financing Period: up to 15 years
  • Loan Size: Minimum of $100,000 and maximum of $1 million
  • Type of Loan: Revolving, (secured/unsecured)

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