Milestone 1: Adopt and Enforce the Most Current Version of the Energy Code

Because energy use is the single largest ongoing environmental impact of any building, the stakeholders agreed that the essential first step a jurisdiction should take is to adopt the most current version of the IECC and achieve high levels of compliance.

Section 410 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requires that any jurisdiction within Colorado which receives stimulus funding and has a building code must adopt the most recently published IECC and meet or exceed the Standard 90.1-2007, and have a plan for achieving at least 90% compliance with these energy codes within eight years.

If a jurisdiction has obtained acceptable compliance with the 2006 IECC or the 2009 IECC, it should then move to the 2009 IECC or the 2012 IECC, respectively.

To find out the current code status in each of Colorado’s building code jurisdictions, visit

Implementation Tools and Resources

The following local and national organizations can assist jurisdictions with energy code compliance:

Colorado Energy Codes Support Program 
This state-sponsored program includes site visits, training, and other services to help jurisdictions advance to the 2009 IECC and achieve 90% compliance.

Online Code Environment and Advocacy Network (OCEAN)
OCEAN is an interactive resource designed to share experiences, best practices, educational resources, and news about building energy codes. By creating a virtual community, OCEAN enables stakeholders to discuss and learn about code issues, connect to trainers and educators, and find policies and program ideas that can serve as models. In many ways, OCEAN is a product of its users and provides valuable, reliable information based on real experience.
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Responsible Energy Codes Alliance (RECA) 
RECA is a consortium of energy efficiency professionals, manufacturers, and trade associations whose primary goal is to urge all states and local jurisdictions to adopt the most recent IECC without substantive weakening amendments. 
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DOE Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) 
BECP develops and maintains free software and tools to support energy codes and standards.  
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