Milestone 3: Become and ENERGY STAR Program Sponsor

Becoming an ENERGY STAR Program Sponsor is recommended as a way to support an above code, voluntary program that has strong market recognition.  This allows the jurisdiction to ease into the full-fledged green building program by increasing staff and industry awareness of ENERGY STAR’s guidelines, building strategies and technical specifications for energy efficiency, water conservation and indoor air quality, the key components of the ENERGY STAR for Homes program.

The program has been remarkably effective in Colorado, certifying 33% percent of all homes built in Colorado in 2009 and 44% of all homes built in Denver in the second quarter of 2010.  Colorado’s ENERGY STAR New Homes Program, led by the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO), was recently honored by ACEEE as one of the top 5 state-led energy efficiency programs in the country. Colorado also received the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award by the EPA in 2009 and 2010.

Implementation Tools and Resources

National ENERGY STAR Program
Local governments are eligible to become Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors.  As a Program Sponsor, the jurisdiction is expected to promote the ENERGY STAR brand and build product awareness.  The jurisdiction must create a program plan, which can include activities such as holding trainings or displaying ENERGY STAR brochures.  The partnership packet can be downloaded at

Colorado ENERGY STAR New Homes  
Through Colorado’s ENERGY STAR New Homes Program, the GEO works closely with local governments, community organizations, utilities, homebuilders and Home Energy Raters to support the statewide construction and testing of new energy-efficient single family homes built to ENERGY STAR standards. The program aims to increase consumer awareness of energy efficiency options in residential new construction.  More info at

Local government ENERGY STAR Program Sponsors in Denver Metro currently include:

  • Arapahoe County
  • City and County of Boulder
  • City and County of Denver
  • City of Littleton
  • City of Longmont
  • Town of Parker