Zero Energy Buildings

Zero Energy Homes

Increasing the energy efficiency of new homes offers a cost-effective way to help homeowners save money and lower their energy use, while reducing the energy and environmental impacts of new homes. Zero Energy Homes, which are designed to produce as much energy as they consume, can currently be built cost-effectively while achieving energy savings of up to 50% through energy efficiency measures, and up to 65% savings by incorporating on-site renewable energy systems, such as solar PV and solar thermal systems. Zero energy homes can also reduce or nearly eliminate peak electricity demand, which is growing rapidly in many Southwest states.

SWEEP is working in partnership with state energy offices, home energy raters, product industry and others to promote the adoption of programs and policies in the Southwest that support cutting edge residential energy efficiency technologies, including zero energy homes that reduce conventional energy consumption by 50% or more relative to standard new homes built to energy code.

This section provides information on the design features and performance of zero energy homes, including project examples and brief descriptions of completed zero energy home projects. Information is also provided on utility programs and incentives 

  • Features of Zero Energy Homes 
    This section summarizes the energy efficiency and renewable energy features, savings potential and cost effectiveness of zero energy homes.
  • High Performance Home Projects
    Describes completed projects in the Southwest and beyond that are built to be at least 50% above code or to have zero net energy use on an annual basis. Includes brief descriptions of home design features, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and field monitoring data, where available.
  • Utility Programs and Incentives for Zero-Energy Homes
    Learn about federal, state and local financial incentives, as well as utility rebates and programs for homebuilders interested in building zero energy homes and communities in the Southwest.