Benefits of Joining the SWEEP Allies Program

For an annual contribution of $5,000, SWEEP Allies help us to expand our work with utilities, state and local governments, and in the transportation sector. Strong energy efficiency policies and programs will in turn help SWEEP Allies to grow their businesses. Other benefits of membership include:

  • SWEEP Allies receive an invitation to send one representative to our annual Southwest Energy Efficiency Workshop, an exclusive two-day meeting of regional utilities, policymakers, Allies and others working on utility energy efficiency issues;
  • Allies receive an exclusive invitation to attend biannual teleconferences hosted by SWEEP on the status and near term prospects for state and utility energy efficiency programs in the Southwest; and
  • SWEEP Allies are recognized for their support on our website and they receive periodic news of issues and advancements in regional energy efficiency.

Because SWEEP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, support from Allies is tax deductible. Funding we receive through the Allies program will not be used for lobbying purposes.