2020 Southwest Utility Energy Efficiency Workshop

November 19, 2020, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM MST
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The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us, however, on November 19th SWEEP was able to pull together a successful virtual workshop. This event provided attendees with opportunities to hear the latest on DSM program development from the region’s utilities, learn about emerging energy efficiency technologies and program designs, and more. Among the goals achieved at the workshop include:

  • Overall updates on the latest DSM developments and trends in the Southwest;
  • Opportunities presented by utility DSM managers who discussed the major challenges and opportunities they’re facing today;
  • Offered a forum for workshop attendees to connect and discuss the nuts and bolts of program design to maximize the benefits of DSM for low-income, vulnerable, and energy-burdened customers by highlighting some best practice examples including a panel discussion on innovative low-income programs;
  • SWEEP allies were given an opportunity to highlight innovative, unique services they offer to utilities in the ever-popular lightning round; and
  • Key utility DSM staff and workshop attendees were better familiarized with Justin Brant and Ellen Zuckerman as the new heads of the SWEEP Utility Program.

Leadership in Energy Efficiency awards presented to:

  • Jeff Ackermann - Former Colorado PUC Chairman;
  • Kelly Barr - SRP Chief Strategist and Corporate Services and Sustainability Executive;
  • Bob Burns - Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman; and
  • Jeff Schlegel for his many years of service to SWEEP.

We also announced an upcoming quarterly series of SWEEP-hosted webinars focusing on emerging DSM developments and trends.

SWEEP values these opportunities to share information between like-minded organizations as utility energy efficiency efforts in the region expand and as new challenges and opportunities arise. Every year, we bring together utilities, state policymakers, energy efficiency program providers, and other stakeholders from the region with the shared goal of advising utilities on how to stay on the cutting edge of energy efficiency program and policy developments.

Below you will find links to workshop materials and presentations (all in PDF format).  For additional information about the workshop, please contact SWEEP at info@swenergy.org.

Workshop Presentations
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Materials List: