Home Builders in SWEEP States Win Prestigious National Innovation Awards

Southwest builders honored in 4 of 5 categories

Home Builders in SWEEP States Win Prestigious National Innovation Awards

Each year, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes the Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program builders with the department’s Innovation in Housing Awards. Only the top 1 percent of builders in the nation receive these prestigious awards. But this year, builders from SWEEP states won the Innovation in Housing awards in four of the five categories: Affordable Home, Multi-Family Home, Production Home and Custom Home (Buyers). The Custom (Spec) category was the only housing category without a winning builder from SWEEP states.

The DOE's ZERH program requires rigorous technical standards including:

  • ENERGY STAR for homes certified as a baseline;
  • The building enclosure system (insulation, windows and air sealing), meets or exceeds 2012 International Energy Code Conservation levels;
  • HVAC delivery system ducts located in the homes' thermal and air barrier boundary;
  • Water efficiency using the WaterSense checklist;
  • ENERGY STAR efficient appliances;
  • Efficient mechanical systems (heating, cooling and ventilation);
  • Efficient lighting in 80 percent of the fixtures;
  • Indoor air quality certified under EPA Indoor airPLUS; and
  • Renewable energy ready using the Consolidated Renewable Energy Ready Home (RERH) Checklist.

These super-energy efficient homes are so well constructed that with the addition of a small renewable energy system (such as solar panels), the home can produce as much energy as it consumes annually. The houses - are durable, resilient, and affordable, while also providing the occupants with a very comfortable and healthy living environment. ZERH builders are building for the future today.

And the Winners Located in the Southwest are:

Innovation in Affordable Homes

  • Capstone Homes, Flagstaff, Arizona

Innovation in Multi-Family Homes

  • Revive Properties, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Thrive Home Builders, Lone Tree, Colorado

Innovation in Production

  • Garbett Construction, Sandy, Utah
  • Mandalay Homes, Prescott, Arizona
  • Revive Properties, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Thrive Home Builders, Denver, Colorado

Innovation in Custom Homes (Buyers)

  • Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, Durango, CO

Capstone Homes, Garbett Construction, Mandalay Homes, Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, Revive Properties and Thrive Home Builders will receive their Innovation in Housing Awards on October 11, 2017,  at the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance’s High Performance Home Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you want to check out the award-winning builders, you have a lot of homes to choose from: 75 percent of the Production and Multi-Family Innovation Award Winners are from SWEEP states.

Congratulations SWEEP Home Builders! You belong to an elite group of the Best, Most Innovative Home Builders in the nation! We appreciate and thank you.

Check out the DOE's announcement for additional details.

And click on these logos to link to more about some factors that make a ZERH home:





Nancy Kellogg is a Program Associate in the Buildings Program at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, where she specializes in encouraging diverse stakeholders in the building industry towards Zero Net Energy (ZNE), Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH), and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, including outreach, research and education.