Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge

Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge Charter Members
CIEC Charter Members with Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, July 22, 2010. Charter members included Amgen, Aspen Skiing Company, Avago Technologies, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, Encana Corporation, Frito-Lay, MillerCoors - Golden Brewery, New Belguim Brewing Company, Roche Colorado, Rocky Mountain Bottle Co., Rocky Mountain Metal Container, Sandoz, and Woodward Governor Company.

About the Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge

The Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge (CIEC) is a voluntary program that challenges industrial companies to set a five-year energy efficiency goal, provides networking and training opportunities, and offers public recognition from the Colorado Energy Office (CEO). The program is open to industrial facilities in Colorado with more than $200,000 in annual energy costs. For this program, “industrial” includes all types of manufacturing; oil, gas and mining operations; ski resorts; research and development facilities; data centers; and municipal water and wastewater utilities.

SWEEP’s Role in the Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge

SWEEP designed and facilitates the CIEC program, which is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). In addition, SWEEP works closely with the Colorado Energy Office to arrange the program’s annual recognition events.

To Join the Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge

To formally join the program, we ask eligible industrial facilities to sign a simple commitment letter, agreeing to: a) Set a 5-year goal for reducing total energy use or energy intensity at your facility, and b) Report total energy consumption or energy intensity for the base year and each subsequent year to demonstrate progress towards the goal. We also ask companies to describe and report savings from energy efficiency projects implemented. (We also allow other eligible industrial facilities to attend quarterly networking meetings upon request.)

Case Studies and Presentations

Companies participating in the Colorado Industrial Energy Challenge have done some innovative projects to save energy and money. Here are a few featured ones. Several presentations from the CIEC Program’s quarterly networking meetings are also included here. These case studies and presentations highlight some of the CIEC member companies’ energy efficiency programs and key points of developing a more strategic approach to energy management.

CIEC Recognition Events

Each year, the Colorado Energy Office holds a public event to recognize the top achievers and new members in the program. The savings really add up: the 13 Colorado industrial facilities that applied for recognition in 2017, for example, saved enough energy in 2016 to serve 2700 Colorado homes and achieved total cost savings of $1.7 million.

CIEC Recognition Event 2017
Winners of the 2017 Colorado Industrial Energy Efficiency awards (left to right), and the percent energy savings over the previous two years: Rick Merlino, Carestream Health (5.4%); Ian Luders, Avery Brewing (new member); Cole Sigmon, Boulder Wastewater (8%); Kathleen Staks, CEO Executive Director (awards presenter); Mark Smith, Keysight Technologies (6.2%); and Gregg MacDonald, Corden Pharma (5.3%)