Industrial Energy Efficiency Peer Networks

Industrial Energy Efficiency Peer Networks

About Industrial Energy Efficiency Networks

Industrial facility managers, when given the opportunity, enjoy sharing their energy efficiency ideas and challenges with their peers. Industrial energy efficiency networking meetings help facilitate this type of group learning. In addition, challenging industrial companies to set energy efficiency goals and providing state recognition can help spur competition among companies towards achieving energy savings.

SWEEP’s Role in Industrial Energy Efficiency Networks

With the help of funding from the U.S. DOE, in 2010 SWEEP helped develop industrial challenge and networking programs, in Colorado and Utah. These programs have evolved since 2010, but both are still active in encouraging industrial facilities to share best practices and report energy savings achievements.

Other Resources

  • Read about Germany’s program to encourage industrial networking, goal-setting, and adoption of strategic energy management.
  • The DOE Better Plants program helps with goal-setting, tools, trainings, resources, and recognition.