Lighting is responsible for approximately 4% of total electricity use in the industrial sector. There are many opportunities for energy savings through lighting upgrades in many industrial facilities. Measures frequently found to be practical include:

  • Replacing conventional high intensity discharge lighting (high pressure sodium or metal halide fixtures) in medium and high bays with LED or efficient fluorescent fixtures with occupancy sensors to turn lights on only when needed.
  • Replace T-12 fluorescent fixtures with T- 8 or T-5 fixtures with electronic ballasts.
  • Paint ceilings and sidewalls with a white semi-gloss paint. This will enhance the lighting quality at most work stations by raising brightness levels and softening shadows and glare whether light is from electric fixtures or from the sun.
  • Upgrade outdoor lighting and exit signs to LEDs.
  • A useful guide to energy efficient lighting technologies, including for industrial applications, is available here.