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December 2021

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October 2021

  • Proposed rule aims to boost electric car sales in New Mexico
    Santa Fe New Mexican - October 28, 2021
    A proposed rule is aimed at giving a jolt to electric car sales in New Mexico, helping the state meet its goals for steeply reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades.
  • Nevada adopts Clean Cars initiative, is now nation's 16th clean car state
    KSNV News 3 Las Vegas - October 24, 2021
    On June 22, 2020, Governor Steve Sisolak announced the Clean Cars Nevada initiative to improve air quality, expand consumer choice, boost the economy, and fight climate change. The regulations will be fully implemented for the model year 2025, providing consumers with more options for cost-effective and pollution-free light-duty cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs.
  • Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization a Growing Conversation in the West
    California Energy Markets - October 15, 2021
    ACEEE's Energy Efficiency as a Resource conference takes advantage of an evenly distributed national audience, and in a regional roundup, participants will discuss the latest energy-efficiency developments across the United States. SWEEP's Elise Jones will speak on behalf of the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions. Jones will be reflecting on both accomplishments and challenges within the region
  • Which Way for Colorado's Transportation Future?
    NRDC - October 14, 2021
    The Colorado Department of Transportation is proposing a new greenhouse gas reduction rule this fall that would require the state and its regions to cut climate-warming pollution from transportation by investing more in sustainable mobility options. This could be a national model for state action on climate pollution from the transportation sector, but the proposed rule needs to more strongly prioritize the needs of communities that have been most harmed by the state’s past transportation infrastructure decisions.
  • Colorado leaders ramping up electric vehicle support
    Colorado Springs Gazette - October 12, 2021
    U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper talked clean tech and stimulus with Colorado experts Tuesday afternoon, focusing on greener transportation fueled by federal dollars.
  • Colorado leaders ramping up electric vehicle support
    Colorado Politics - October 12, 2021
    SWEEP released an analysis of a clean trucks report Tuesday, declaring zero-emission trucks a "can’t-miss opportunity" for the state, with the potential to deliver more than $20 billion in benefits to Coloradans over the next three decades.
  • Meet the 2021 Green Business honorees
    Utah Business - October 6, 2021
    In partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, Utah Business honors the Utah companies and individuals who are making strides toward the state’s environmental sustainability.
  • NM groups to lawmakers: Fossil-fueled hydrogen a climate threat, not a solution
    Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter - October 5, 2021
    A coalition of New Mexico community, environmental, and justice organizations warned state and federal lawmakers of the risks of diving head-first into fossil-fueled hydrogen projects. The groups’ letter provides guidance on the context and safeguards that must be enacted before hydrogen projects are considered in the San Juan Basin, and in New Mexico generally.
  • Six vying for City Council District 7 seat
    Albuquerque Journal - October 5, 2021
    SWEEP's Tammy Fiebelkorn, an environmental economist, has worked with the City of Albuquerque on a variety of energy-conservation projects, including retrofitting homes in low-income neighborhoods and updating the city’s Energy Conservation Code to improve energy efficiency for new buildings.
  • Arizona Report Author Says 2050 Projections Too Speculative to Analyze Now
    California Energy Markets - October 1, 2021
    Representatives from the Sierra Club and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project at the meeting drew attention to an independent report released in January from Strategen Consulting on behalf of SWEEP that suggests APS could save up to $1.4 billion by retiring the coal-fired Four Corners Power Plant in 2023, increasing energy efficiency and expanding renewables and storage. Four Corners is currently scheduled for retirement in 2031.

September 2021

  • Southwest Energy Efficiency Project celebrates 20th anniversary
    Informed Infrastructure - September 30, 2021
    The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) celebrated its 20th anniversary by awarding its Founder and former Executive Director, Howard Geller, with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Geller, who served as Executive Director of SWEEP for 20 years, stepped down from his position in January.
  • Q&A Albuquerque City Council District 7 Tammy Fiebelkorn
    Albuquerque Journal - September 29, 2021
    A Q&A with SWEEP New Mexico Representative Tammy Fiebelkorn.
  • Longmont now a GoEV city to help accelerate electrification goals
    Longmont Leader - September 29, 2021
    Longmont is now one of eight municipalities and counties in Colorado that is part of an effort to accelerate the push to electrify nearly all modes of transportation.
  • City Council declares Longmont a GoEV city
    Longmont Times-Call - September 28, 2021
    The Council pledged city government will continue to develop and implement policies and strategies to promote the community’s transition from fossil-fuel motor vehicles to zero-emissions electric vehicles.
  • Your definitive – for now – Colorado electric vehicle Q & A
    The Colorado Sun - September 24, 2021
    What you need to know about how to pick an EV, what subsidy you might get, where to charge it, what “range anxiety” means, and how Coloradans are totally geeking out on their statistics.
  • City Council to consider declaring Longmont’s plans to promote community’s transition to electric vehicles
    Daily Camera - September 24, 2021
    Members of City Council would declare Longmont to be a “GoEV City” and pledge development and implementation of policies and strategies to promote the community’s transition from fossil-fuel automobiles to zero-emissions cars such as electric vehicles, under a resolution up for consideration.
  • Heinrich Opens Hearing On Electrifying Homes, Buildings
    Los Alamos Daily Post - September 23, 2021
    U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), delivered remarks to open the hearing, “Examining the Economic Benefits of Electrifying America’s Homes and Buildings.”
  • Heinrich Opens Hearing On Economic Benefits Of Electrifying Homes, Buildings
    U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) - September 22, 2021
    Senator Martin Heinrich: "Tammy Fiebelkorn, from the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, told us that installing these new appliances is reducing the burden of energy costs for low-income families. As she put it, the project is fighting climate change while also making sure that the benefits of that fight make it to our frontline and disadvantaged communities.' That’s exactly right."
  • The Surprising Impact Cannabis Growers Could Have on Utilities
    Energy Central - September 20, 2021
    The U.S. Senate will soon vote on whether to protect banks and credit unions from serving the cannabis industry. The passage of the SAFE Banking Act by the U.S. House of Representatives in late April is an indication that this piece of legislation has at least a chance of reaching President Biden’s desk. If it does, it will undeniably be a watershed moment, not only for cannabis growers, but for the national power sector at large.
  • Xcel Energy Will Now Help Pay For An Electric Car — Depending On Your Income
    Colorado Public Radio - September 9, 2021
    Xcel Energy has a new suite of programs to supercharge Colorado’s switch to electric vehicles.

August 2021

  • Now's the time to go big on climate action
    Colorado Politics - August 27, 2021
    We can’t allow unbreathable air to become Colorado’s new normal. Our state should be known for its scenic vistas, clean air and pristine waters – not lung-burning smog alerts, deadly wildfires and scorching heat waves. We need to urge our Senators and members of Congress to “go big or go home” on an ambitious reconciliation package that will help save our lungs, our planet, and our future. (an op-ed by SWEEP Executive Director Elise Jones)
  • Colorado air commission formally drops rule aimed at reducing car commutes
    Colorado Newsline - August 20, 2021
    A month after state officials pulled their support for a proposed rule aimed at reducing commuter car travel, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission on Thursday made the proposal’s defeat official.
  • The Association of Energy Services Professionals Selected to Lead Innovative Three-Year Educational Training Effort by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    Market Wire News - August 19, 2021
    The Association of Energy Services Professionals, a non-profit association that provides professional development tools, accredited training programs, and networking resources to over 2,400 members, announced today it has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to design and deliver accredited educational training to energy professionals across the U.S.
  • U.S. Energy Secretary visits Albuquerque energy efficiency project
    KRQE News 13 - August 18, 2021
    Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm visited an Albuquerque apartment complex, which was recently revamped with a handful of energy efficient improvements. The DOE Secretary’s visit to Albuquerque is part of a broader visit to New Mexico as the Biden administration looks to promote its renewable energy initiatives. SWEEP's New Mexico Representative Tammy Fiebelkorn was on hand to support, along with the launch of the Community Energy Efficiency Project.
  • A Proposed Rule Would Target Colorado’s Polluting Road Projects
    Colorado Public Radio - August 16, 2021
    SWEEP's Matt Frommer said the proposed rule could be a "game changer" by aligning Colorado's transportation spending with our climate targets, and by giving people better access to clean and affordable transportation alternatives.
  • New executive order brings more electric cars to New Mexico
    KOB 4 New Mexico - August 15, 2021
    The Biden administration is working to get more electric vehicles on the road. New Mexico already has its foot on the pedal. President Joe Biden recently signed a new executive order to drastically increase electric vehicle sales across the country, he's gunning for 50% by 2030.
  • Arizona Follows California: Statewide Transportation Electrification Plan
    Citizens Journal - August 5, 2021
    A statewide Arizona Transportation Electrification Plan has been under discussion at the state level for several years.
  • New Mexico targets vehicle emissions
    Albuquerque Journal - August 1, 2021
    New Mexico is crafting “clean car” standards that could go into effect by 2025, in an effort to target the state’s second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

July 2021

  • Major Agreement on Clean Cars Nevada Program Announced
    NRDC - July 28, 2021
    Nevada’s Division of Environmental Protection workshop drew overwhelming approval for the latest version of its proposed Clean Cars Nevada program and a commitment from stakeholders to work to implement complementary policies for greater ZEV adoption.
  • Resources for Coloradans to Transition to Electric-Powered Homes
    Sierra Club Colorado - July 22, 2021
    Colorado environmental conservation groups announced the launch of a new website, Pollution Free Colorado, which provides information to help Coloradans understand the health impacts of gas-powered appliances in homes, the benefits of an electric-powered home, and why transitioning to clean, all-electric powered homes is both crucial to health and in reducing pollution that contributes to climate change. Pollution Free Colorado also provides information on which policies to champion to keep fossil fuels out of homes.
  • APS launches incentive to tap 80% of residential customers' battery capacity during peak demand
    Utility Dive - July 20, 2021
    The Arizona Corporation Commission approved an amended Demand Side Management plan for Arizona Public Service (APS), allowing the utility to continue and expand energy efficiency programs and to modify a residential energy storage pilot for grid optimization.
  • Arizona Residents Explain Why They Love Their EVs
    InsideEVs - July 2, 2021
    Electric vehicle (EV) owners love their cars and the vast majority of them will never go back to gas or diesel-burning cars after driving electric. Plug in America, along with the Arizona State University Energy Policy Innovation Council and SWEEP, worked together to produce a video to share Arizona residents' EV experience.
  • City Launches Community Energy Efficiency Project with Prosperity Works, Energy Works and Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
    City of Albuquerque - July 1, 2021
    The City of Albuquerque is partnering with Prosperity Works, Energy Works, and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) to conduct energy audits this week as a first step in the innovative new Community Energy Efficiency (CEE) project to create sustainable home improvements in underserved communities. With support from a $100,000 City Council appropriation, the partners are scheduling income-qualified homeowners in the International District to receive free energy audits, and developing retrofit plans to create significant energy savings and increase safety and comfort for homeowners. Community liaisons will assist homeowners throughout the process, and the range of home upgrades can include window and door replacements, insulation and heating, and cooling system replacements.

June 2021

  • Arizona Thrives Announces Alliance Leadership Council to Guide Clean Energy
    InBusiness Greater Phoenix - June 30, 2021
    Arizona Thrives announces it has formed the Arizona Thrives Alliance Leadership Council with 17 business, government, and industry leaders to provide a shared leadership platform and a collaborative strategic approach to transition the state’s economy from carbon-based fuels to clean energy.
  • 'Like What Fred Flintstone Would Be Doing': Burning Fossil Fuels In Buildings At Odds With Colorado's Emissions Goals
    KUNC - June 18, 2021
    For many years, natural gas was touted as cleaner than the fossil fuels powering electrical grids. Incentives still encourage homeowners to buy fuel-burning appliances with high-efficiency ratings. But according to Howard Geller, senior policy advisor to the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, as Colorado’s grid moves away from fossil fuels, and increasingly towards wind, solar and other renewable sources, we have turned a corner. “We’re rapidly retiring the coal plants and over time moving towards 90% or more of the electricity coming from sources that don't have any emissions,” Geller said.
  • Colorado Tackles Climate-Warming Emissions
    Green Builder Media - June 16, 2021
    Colorado legislators passed three bills today and four total this session to help Coloradans cut energy waste and power their homes and businesses with clean electricity. In addition to reducing utility bills, cutting down on indoor air pollution, and creating family-sustaining jobs in the buildings sector, these bills represent progress toward Colorado’s ambitious goals to reduce climate-warming emissions.
  • Denver Releases Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan
    NRDC - June 15, 2021
    The Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency released a Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan today showing how Denver residents can heat and cool their homes and businesses efficiently with clean electricity. The Plan describes opportunities to electrify homes and businesses and includes recommendations for the City of Denver to ensure an equitable transition to renewable heating and cooling technologies.
  • NM should charge ahead with clean car standards
    Albuquerque Journal - June 13, 2021
    There are immediate actions Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham can and should take this year to drive progress. Near the top of the list should be adopting clean car standards. This established policy would limit climate-changing pollution from vehicle tailpipes in New Mexico and require auto manufacturers to deliver an increasing number of zero-emission electric vehicles to the state.
  • Coalition seeks tougher New Mexico auto fuel standards
    Santa Fe New Mexican - June 12, 2021
    A group of energy and environmental organizations submitted a petition to state government last week asking that it adopt tougher standards affecting auto emissions. The main change would call for car manufacturers to provide New Mexico dealers with a higher inventory of zero-emission cars such as battery-driven vehicles and low-emission cars such as plug-in hybrids.
  • Nevada legislature passes sweeping clean energy bill focused on funding electric vehicle infrastructure
    Environ.News - June 11, 2021
    The Nevada legislature approved a sweeping clean energy bill aimed at increasing spending on electric vehicle infrastructure in the state. SB448 passed in the state assembly in a 31-10 vote after it passed in the Senate unanimously.
  • Conservation and Labor Groups Praise Governor Sisolak’s Signing of SB 448 to Support Clean Energy Economy
    Western Resource Advocates - June 10, 2021
    Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed Senate Bill 448 at the IBEW Local 357 hall today. This expansive bill will align electric utility plans and investments with state climate goals by addressing key issues in energy transmission, electric transportation, rooftop solar, clean electricity, renewable energy storage, energy efficiency, and more.
  • Colorado Legislators Pass Four Bills to Reduce Building Emissions, Cut Utility Costs
    Western Resource Advocates - June 8, 2021
    Colorado legislators passed three bills today and four total this session to help Coloradans cut energy waste and power their homes and businesses with clean electricity. In addition to reducing utility bills, cutting down on indoor air pollution, and creating family-sustaining jobs in the buildings sector, these bills represent progress toward Colorado’s ambitious goals to reduce climate-warming emissions.
  • Historic $5.3 billion transportation bill sent to governor’s desk
    Colorado Newsline - June 3, 2021
    Lawmakers in the Colorado General Assembly on Wednesday gave final approval to a $5.3 billion transportation funding package, sending the historic measure to Gov. Jared Polis’ desk to be signed into law.
  • The unlikely measure to address climate change in Colorado
    Axios - June 2, 2021
    We can't wait another year to meaningfully address the transportation emissions driving the climate crisis.

May 2021

  • Colorado lawmakers debate massive transportation funding bill
    The Denver Channel - May 25, 2021
    "There is a social cost of carbon pollution, and you can't build your way out of congestion." SWEEP's Matt Frommer on Denver 7 TV News discussing Colorado's transportation funding bill.
  • PNM proposal to pull out of coal-fired Four Corners plant contested
    Santa Fe New Mexican - May 23, 2021
    Many environmental groups and other organizations say Public Service Company of New Mexico should get out of the pollution-spewing Four Corners Power Plant — but not the way the utility has proposed.
  • Arizona may resurrect efforts to commit to 100 percent carbon-free electricity
    Canary Media - May 20, 2021
    Arizona energy regulators worked for years on requirements to direct the state's transition to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050. But in a final vote held early this month, those efforts ultimately fell short. The proposed energy rules were declared dead. Now, a revival is in the works.
  • Massive clean energy bill expanding transmission, electric car charging stations gets first hearing; resorts opposed
    Elko Daily - May 18, 2021
    Heralded as a transformative step to move Nevada toward greatly reduced carbon emissions through massive expansions in transmission and electric vehicle infrastructure, state lawmakers heard the first details of the legislative session’s biggest energy policy bill with just two weeks to go before the end of session.
  • Massive clean energy bill expanding transmission, electric car charging stations gets first hearing; resorts opposed
    The Nevada Independent - May 18, 2021
    Heralded as a transformative step to move Nevada toward greatly reduced carbon emissions through massive expansions in transmission and electric vehicle infrastructure, state lawmakers heard the first details of the legislative session’s biggest energy policy bill with just two weeks to go before the end of session.
  • Local officials back transportation funding bill working its way through legislature
    Real Vail - May 14, 2021
    Local policymakers largely back the recently introduced state Senate Bill 260 to impose a variety of fees to finally start addressing Colorado’s severe lack of transportation infrastructure funding over the last several decades.
  • Nevada Aims to Plug Vehicles into Renewable Energy
    NRDC - May 13, 2021
    Nevada is considering legislation that would help the state drive on cleaner, cheaper electricity. Senate Bill (SB) 448 (Brooks) would speed the approval of transmission lines needed to move low-cost, renewable electricity across the region and would accelerate the deployment of cars, trucks, and buses fueled by that clean electricity.
  • Colorado transportation fees bill faces key tension between more highway lanes and addressing climate change
    The Denver Post - May 11, 2021
    A long-heralded transportation bill that would raise an estimated $3.8 billion over a decade from new fees on gas purchases, online deliveries, and other items passed its first test Monday in the Colorado legislature.
  • Colorado Lawmakers Unveil $5.3 Billion Proposal to Solve "Transportation Crisis"
    Denver Westword - May 9, 2021
    A broad coalition of state and local elected officials and Colorado business groups have unveiled a new legislative proposal that they hope will bring an end to a years-long quest to secure billions in new funding for roads and other transportation infrastructure.
  • Transportation funding bill backed by Boulder-area officials
    Colorado Hometown Weekly - May 7, 2021
    If approved, some $3.78 billion would come from new fee revenue through a number of fees, including a road usage fee, an electric vehicle equalization fee, a personal car share fee, a rental fee and more. An additional $1.48 billion will come through general fund revenue and stimulus dollars. That money is expected to come in over the course of 11 years, with most fees beginning in the state’s fiscal year 2023.
  • Transportation funding bill backed by Boulder-area officials
    Daily Camera - May 7, 2021
    A new Democrat-sponsored bill in the Colorado Senate that aims to raise $5.3 billion, primarily through new fees, would help fund transportation projects in Boulder County and beyond.
  • Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Evaporative Systems through a New Index—EvaCOP
    Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute - May 7, 2021
    Evaporative systems are probably the oldest technology for thermal comfort. However, they are still an essential technology in the food industry, environments for thermal comfort, and even for cooling data centers. Standards have been improved to compare the energy efficiency of this type of equipment. Using AHRI concepts with temperature data from the 29 most populous cities in the world, an EvaCOP index was created from temperatures that are easier to simulate than current parameters.
  • Arizona regulators reverse course, reject new state clean-energy rules - May 6, 2021
    After more than three years of wrangling, Arizona utility regulators have killed a proposal to mandate that state-regulated utilities get 100% of their energy from clean sources by 2050.
  • Colorado lawmakers unveil $5.3 billion proposal to solve ‘transportation crisis’
    Colorado Newsline - May 5, 2021
    A broad coalition of state and local elected officials and Colorado business groups on Tuesday unveiled a new legislative proposal that they hope will bring an end to a years-long quest to secure billions in new funding for roads and other transportation infrastructure.
  • Landmark Transportation Proposal Introduced to Modernize System, Support 21st Century Economy
    Western Slope Now - May 5, 2021
    Governor Jared Polis, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, Speaker Alec Garnett, Senator Faith Winter, and Representative Matt Gray, announced the introduction of a transportation package that will create a dynamic, 21st Century transportation system that will drive Colorado’s economic comeback, establish a sustainable funding source to improve Colorado roads, invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and expand multi-modal and transit options to reduce congestion and improve air quality.
  • Impressive Coalition Introducing New Transportation Bill
    Colorado Pols - May 5, 2021
    Governor Jared Polis and other state leaders will introduce a new transportation funding bill this afternoon representing one of the top priorities of the 2021 legislative session. Whenever big new legislation is rolled out, it is usually accompanied by a list of names and organizations supporting the effort. But the coalition that will be in attendance on the West Steps of the State Capitol today is unusually robust: Governor Jared Polis, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, House Speaker Alec Garnett, Senator Faith Winter, Senator Kevin Priola, Representative Matthew Gray, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver, Mike Kopp, Chair of A Way Forward and President and CEO of Colorado Concern, Kelly Brough, President and CEO of Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Carl Smith, SMART Union, Elise Jones, Executive Director, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and Jake Swanton, Public Policy Director, Lyft.
  • Colorado lawmakers introduce 2021 transportation fee bill
    The Denver Channel - May 4, 2021
    Colorado lawmakers unveiled their much-awaited transportation bill on Tuesday, saying 2021 is the year Colorado lawmakers will finally take action on such a measure after years of stalemates at the state Capitol and ballot box.

April 2021

  • Colorado’s attempts to pay for transportation improvements fall far short of other states
    Julesburg Journal-Advocate - April 29, 2021
    In a report last year, SWEEP, in urging a tax increase, said Colorado’s per-gallon rate would be nearly 20 cents per gallon higher now if it had indexed the rate to inflation in 1991, allowing for automatic adjustments. The state would have collected $7 billion more in taxes since then, according to our calculations.
  • Net Zero Cities: Microgrids may keep key services running during inclement weather
    BizWest - April 27, 2021
    Four local electric suppliers believe that using self-contained microgrids could be one way to hedge fears of power outages from winter storms and wildfires as efforts continue to decarbonize the power grid.
  • 4 Ways Cannabis Is Becoming A Greener Industry
    420 Intel - April 26, 2021
    Indoor cannabis cultivation operations utilize ten times more energy per square foot than a typical office building. The nature of growing cannabis is complex and for the most part, incredibly wasteful, but between regulations around cultivation and child-proof packaging, cannabis companies ironically have fairly limited options for “going green.” Until now.
  • Colorado clean car advocates applaud Biden plan to reject Trump rollback
    Colorado Politics - April 26, 2021
    Colorado Governor Jared Polis has been one of the most aggressive state leaders on auto emissions, proposing 994,000 new electric vehicles, roughly 43% of the market, by 2030 to meet his goal of sharply reducing greenhouse gas emissions, considered a driving factor of climate change.
  • Colorado on cusp of market transformation in buildings
    Mountain Town News - April 26, 2021
    A recent survey by SWEEP delivered 11 examples that include housing projects in Fort Collins, Denver, and Pueblo, plus a school in the San Luis Valley. There is also an employee housing project in a suburb of Aspen, and individual homes near Grand Junction and in the foothills west of Arvada. None have connections to gas, either propane or natural gas.
  • Tucson Electric driving grand plan to speed electric-vehicle adoption - April 23, 2021
    Electric vehicle (EV) owners and businesses that cater to them will get a boost from Tucson Electric Power Company as the utility amps up its efforts to support a rollout of EVs that is accelerating nationwide.
  • Support for PNM/Avangrid merger stipulation continues to grow
    The Grant County Beat - April 23, 2021
    The Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) and Avangrid filed a stipulation in its merger application before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission with the New Mexico Attorney General, Western Resource Advocates, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 611, Dine Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment, Nava Education Project, San Juan Citizens Alliance, and To Nizhoni Ani.
  • On Earth Day, Cannabis Companies Should Take a Closer Look at their Environmental Impact
    Green Entrepreneur - April 22, 2021
    Indoor cannabis cultivation operations utilize 10 times more energy per square foot than a typical office building. The nature of growing cannabis is complex and, for the most part, incredibly wasteful. But there are solutions!
  • Clean energy advocates want more energy efficiency investments; NV Energy pushes back
    The Nevada Independent - April 8, 2021
    Advocates estimated that full implementation of Nevada Senate Bill 382 would cost the utility on the high end somewhere between $65 and $75 million. Ellen Zuckerman, co-director of SWEEP’s Utility Program and co-presenter of the bill, said SWEEP commissioned a study showing the net economic benefits of the legislation would equal about $1.73 billion over the next decade.
  • Avon to add two new electric vehicle charging stations in Beaver Creek
    Vail Daily - April 7, 2021
    The town of Avon, Colorado is one step closer to its climate, transportation, and sustainability goals with its latest grant. Avon was awarded $44,000 for two new electric vehicle chargers from the Colorado’s Charge Ahead Grant program. The two new chargers — a DC fast charger and a Level II charger to be exact — will double the capacity of the Beaver Creek Place Charging Station. With the additions, four electric vehicles can be charged at one time.

March 2021

  • Lawmakers' effort to undo clean-energy rules in Arizona advances even as its fate appears doomed
    AZ Central - March 31, 2021
    House Bill 2248 would void a zero-carbon requirement the Arizona Corporation Commission is set to approve for Arizona utilities, requiring them to begin transitioning to more renewable energy such as solar and wind and shutting down coal and natural-gas-fired power plants.
  • Appliance efficiency bill would mark “huge leap forward” in reducing Nevada’s carbon footprint
    Sierra Nevada Ally - March 26, 2021
    Appliances in American homes and businesses use electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, wood, and kerosene to power devices ranging from air conditioners, hot water heaters, and computers to deep fat fryers, stadium lighting, and massive ventilation systems in casinos and office buildings. Assembly Bill 383, if made law, would require the Director of the Nevada Office of Energy to adopt energy efficiency standards for a wide range of appliances used and sold in Nevada.
  • Transit Or Roads? Urban Or Rural? Transportation Funding Proposal Faces Pull From Many Angles
    Colorado Public Radio - March 25, 2021
    The sprawling transportation proposal from Colorado’s Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Jared Polis hasn’t been introduced yet. Still, a recently released outline is already reopening old fault lines in one of the state’s most intense debates.
  • Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Transit
    Streetsblog Denver - March 24, 2021
    2021 is the year to build a more robust and sophisticated transit system in Denver, and we may finally have the funding to do it. Let’s do it right by focusing investments in underserved communities and by building the most cost-effective projects that cut pollution and maximize transit ridership.
  • Op-ed: Tax on electric vehicles worth considering
    Las Vegas Review-Journal - March 21, 2021
    Nevada Senate Bill 191 wants to assess a 10 percent surcharge on electric vehicle charging stations. The levy would function like the gas tax. The operator of the charging station would collect it from the customer, and it would eventually end up in the State Highway Fund. There would be no tax for charging a vehicle at home. “Instead of penalizing clean cars, Nevada should incentivize them to better enable the state to reach its climate goal of reaching zero emissions by 2050,” said SWEEP's Angie Dykema.
  • Despite PRC moratorium on utility disconnections, customers have received disconnect notices
    Las Cruces Sun News - March 18, 2021
    Despite a moratorium prohibiting disconnection of residential utilities due to nonpayment, some New Mexicans have received disconnection notices. A Feb. 3 PRC order prohibits rural electric cooperatives, water utilities and small gas companies from disconnecting service prior to May 5. Meanwhile investor-owned utilities and large gas companies cannot disconnect service prior to Aug. 12.
  • Colorado lawmakers’ transportation pitch: New fees on gas, online package deliveries, Uber and Lyft rides
    The Denver Post - March 18, 2021
    Coloradans will chip in a few cents more on gas fill-ups and pay extra to have online purchases delivered, take Uber and Lyft rides, and register electric vehicles to help raise nearly $4 billion over a decade to fix the state’s transportation system, under a plan lawmakers unveiled Thursday.
  • Avon to consider electric vehicle pledge
    Vail Daily - March 7, 2021
    The Avon Town Council on Tuesday will consider a resolution to become a GoEV Town, pledging to a plan which includes goals to transition the Avon fleet and transit buses to 100% electric or zero emissions vehicles by 2050.

February 2021

  • Going back to the drawing board on Northwest Rail, RTD also faces other incomplete projects from 2004 FasTracks plan
    The Longmont Leader - February 27, 2021
    SWEEP Transportation Director Travis Madsen told Colorado Public Radio that FasTracks to Longmont is not cost effective. “We have an opportunity to get a lot more folks riding the transit system, getting cars off the road, reducing air pollution and generally making quality of life in our region better by focusing our investments on the projects that are going to give us the biggest bang for the buck,” Madsen told CPR.
  • Environmentalists Pushing For Rules To Make Apartments More EV-Ready
    Nevada Public Radio - February 25, 2021
    Matt Frommer, a senior transportation associate with Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, said property owners should be preparing now for the move to EVs. He told State of Nevada that new apartments can “future proof” their complexes by installing the higher-capacity electrical equipment that EV chargers require.
  • High Country Conservation Center prepares electric vehicle readiness plan
    Summit Daily - February 22, 2021
    Summit County is preparing to accommodate an increasing number of electric vehicles as more residents, visitors, and public transportation agencies make the transition. As the county plans to expand its public charging network, the High Country Conservation Center is preparing a community EV Readiness Plan in collaboration with local municipalities and other stakeholders.
  • Colorado’s attempts to pay for transportation improvements fall far short of other states
    The Denver Post - February 21, 2021
    When it comes to transportation, the Colorado’s rare combination of tricky tax policy, stagnant revenue sources, regional rivalries, and standoff-prone politics has proved difficult to navigate, keeping Colorado from fixing its crumbling transportation system in a sustainable way.
  • No flame, no pain … local governments need to make electrification a priority
    Vail Daily - February 18, 2021
    If you heat a new building with gas, it will emit CO2 and methane for the next 50 years. Heat and cool it with electricity, however, and that structure’s carbon footprint declines every year as the grid adds more and more renewable power. No flame, no pain.
  • Increased electric vehicle fees short-sighted approach that penalizes vehicle owners and hurts air quality - February 18, 2021
    SWEEP's Matt Frommer and Kevin Emerson detail the Utah Legislature’s proposal in House Bill 209 that would drastically increase annual fees on electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, making them a key solution to Utah’s climate and air quality challenges. Increasing fees for zero-emission vehicles to $300 per year – more than double what the average new gas-powered vehicle pays each year in gas taxes – is the wrong approach to solve Utah’s road funding challenges.
  • After Polis’ Arm Twist, RTD Looks To Restart Boulder Rail Project
    Colorado Public Radio - February 10, 2021
    Westminster Station opened in 2016 and now serves the B Line commuter rail train, but so far it's as close as the train has come to Boulder. Colorado Governor Jared Polis says RTD must follow through on its promise to build a rail line from Denver to Boulder and Longmont in spite of its budget issues.
  • Las Cruces City Council Reviews Options To Decrease Emissions
    KRWG Public Media - February 8, 2021
    In 2020, the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico adopted a Climate Action Plan, pledging a 19% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Now, at SWEEP's urging, the Las Cruces City Council is taking steps to guarantee the goal is met.
  • Bill would help indebted utility customers
    Energy Central - February 8, 2021
    Three Democratic representatives in New Mexico introduced House Bill 206 on January 27 to wipe away up to 50% of debt owed by low-income utility customers.
  • Arizona Bills Threaten ‘Showdown’ Over 100% Clean Energy Rules
    Greentech Media - February 8, 2021
    A spate of bills making their way through the Republican-controlled Arizona legislature — some on a fast track — could undercut the 100 percent clean energy targets the state’s utility regulators are soon expected to finalize.
  • Bill would help indebted utility customers
    Albuquerque Journal - February 7, 2021
    Three Democratic representatives in New Mexico introduced House Bill 206 on January 27 to wipe away up to 50% of debt owed by low-income utility customers. Tens of thousands of New Mexico families are struggling to pay their utility bills during the pandemic, prompting some lawmakers to propose special assistance to help pay their debts.
  • Electric Vehicles Can Save Nevada $20 Billion
    Techregister - February 6, 2021
    Nevadans can save more than $14 billion through 2050 by moving from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs), according to a report released today. EVs can also reduce air pollution, providing an additional $3 billion in benefits for public health and the climate, and EVs can help make the electricity system more efficient, reducing utility customer bills by more than $3 billion. Altogether, the report identifies $20 billion in benefits.
  • Report Finds COVID-19 Leads to Consumption Decline in Michigan's Electric Choice Program
    Transmission & Distribution World - February 5, 2021
    Electricity consumption by customers enrolled in Michigan's electric choice program declined by 58 MW in 2020, reflecting decreased electricity use by commercial and industrial customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission's annual Status of Electric Competition report.
  • APS to Develop Tariff Allowing for Aggregation of Distributed Demand-side Resources
    Transmission & Distribution World - February 4, 2021
    The Arizona Corporation Commission in December 2020 adopted a proposal from Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson to direct the state’s largest investor-owned electric utility, Arizona Public Service Company (APS), to develop a tariff that will allow for the aggregation of distributed demand-side resources, such as smart thermostats, connected hot water heaters, and energy storage systems.
  • Study evaluates the electric vehicle use needed to meet Greenhouse Gas emission goals in Nevada
    Sierra Nevada Ally - February 4, 2021
    To better understand the level of electric vehicle adoption needed for Nevada to meet CO2 emissions goals, the Natural Resources Defense Council, SWEEP, and Western Resource Advocates commissioned a study from MJ Bradley & Associates that concludes Nevada could realize $21 billion in avoided expenditures on gasoline and maintenance, reduced utility bills, and environmental benefits by 2050 by driving electric vehicles.
  • Arizona adopts utility tariff for demand-side resources, including smart technology
    DailyEnergyInsider - February 2, 2021
    The Arizona Corporation Commission approved a proposal to direct Arizona Public Service Company to create a tariff for distributed demand-side resources, such as smart thermostats, connected hot water heaters, and energy storage systems.
  • Modernizing our transportation system
    Colorado Politics - February 1, 2021
    The way we currently get around wastes energy and money. Out of the $8 billion we spend on gasoline and diesel every year, $6 billion is literally going up in smoke, because combustion engines are so inefficient. SWEEP's Travis Madsen explains in this op-ed.

January 2021

  • Why efficiency has become a big part of energy in Colorado during 21st century
    Mountain Town News - January 20, 2021
    Two decades after he moved to Colorado and founded SWEEP, Howard Geller is moving on into the world of consulting, leaving his office and position as Executive Director to Elise Jones, who will simultaneously end her second of two terms as a commissioner in Boulder County. “Twenty years is about the right amount of time,” he said last Friday.
  • Colorado Leaders Cheer Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap
    WesternSlopeNow - January 14, 2021
    Colorado Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Energy Office released the state's new Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap. It identifies how we'll protect our climate, improve health, and save money through policies that will advance energy efficiency and put more electric vehicles on the road.
  • Colorado is behind on targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. How far should the state push industry to get there?
    The Colorado Sun - January 6, 2021
    The Polis administration is set this month to complete its “roadmap” for cutting Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions, but critics question whether the route is clear enough — and the milestones realistic enough — to get Colorado where it needs to go.
  • Elise Jones to head Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
    Boulder Daily Camera - January 5, 2021
    Elise Jones, who is concluding her final week as an elected Boulder County commissioner, will be the next executive director of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, SWEEP announced Tuesday.
  • Elise Jones to head Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
    Longmont Times-Call - January 5, 2021
    Elise Jones, who is concluding her final week as an elected Boulder County commissioner, will be the next executive director of the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, SWEEP announced Tuesday.
  • Boulder County commissioner named SWEEP executive director
    BizWest - January 5, 2021
    Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones has been hired to serve as Executive Director for the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, a public-interest organization that helps utilities, state and local governments, environmental groups, national laboratories, and businesses improve efficiency.