SWEEP Programs

Utility Program

SWEEP promotes the expansion and improvement of electric and natural gas utility energy efficiency programs in the Southwest. We work on legislation and regulations to establish energy savings goals or requirements, decoupling of utility cost recovery and electricity sales, and financial incentives so that utilities and their shareholders are not penalized when they help their customers save energy. We advise utilities as they design and implement energy efficiency programs, and we frequently appear before state utility commissions when utility energy efficiency policies and programs are under review. We have had an impact on utility policies and programs in all of the states we work in.

Buildings Program

SWEEP supports the adoption of stronger building energy codes throughout the region as well as stronger code implementation and enforcement efforts. In addition, SWEEP promotes construction of new homes and commercial buildings that are 25-50% more energy-efficient than minimum code requirements, and strategies for expanding retrofit of existing homes and buildings.

Transportation Program

SWEEP advances state and regional policies that will increase the fuel efficiency of new vehicles, promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), and reduced motor vehicle use.

Industrial Program

SWEEP leads industrial energy efficiency networking and recognition programs for industries in Colorado and Utah, and actively supports efforts to improve industrial efficiency and combined heat and power (CHP) in other Southwestern states.