Oshara Village

Oshara Village is a mixed use, walkable community now under construction in the Santa Fe Community College District that brings together five components of a community: living, working, shopping, gathering and education. Designed to balance human needs with ecological imperatives, while not compromising quality, comfort or value, Oshara Village will feature 1,100 homes and a million square feet of commercial space. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in May 2008 to celebrate the completion of the first 40 energy-efficient homes.

Home builders must adhere to an "Oshara Pledge" that requires certain above-code features such as recycled insulation with R-21 in walls and R-50 in ceiling, reclaimed water for irrigation, programmable thermostats, compact fluorescent lighting, and ENERGY STAR appliances.

The New Village Institute analyzed the energy use in a typical Oshara Village home compared to a conventional home built to state codes, as well as the anticipated driving habits of an Oshara Village resident compared to an average New Mexico resident. The Oshara home used 52 percent less energy and the Oshara resident used 61 percent less energy for driving. Overall energy savings range from 54-59 percent, avoiding about 12 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. More information is available at www.osharavillage.com.


  • Features: Affordable/subsidized housing, bus transit, civic buildings & parks, green buildings, mixed use development, sustainable infrastructure.
  • Home energy savings: approximately 52%
  • Transportation energy savings: approximately 61%
  • CO2 emissions avoided: 12 metric tons, based on total energy savings
  • Other benefits: Integrate exercise into daily life; saves money; more free time for Oshara Village residents