Padilla Household in Santa Fe

A recent success story is the weatherization of a 1900-era home occupied by an elderly man in the historic part of Santa Fe. Weatherization work was performed in early 2008 by the Los Amigos Education Resource Center. Anthony Roybal, Executive Director of Los Amigos, reported that $1,142 of energy efficiency measures were installed in the home, including insulation of R-19 in the basement, twenty-two CFLs that replaced incandescent light bulbs, weather-stripping and sealing around doors and windows, eight storm windows installed on the north side of the home, and a tuning of the boiler. A blower door test demonstrated the effectiveness of the installed measures with a drop from 35.69 cfm to 19.10 cfm. The expected energy bill savings is $579 per year. The homeowner already reported a noticeable drop in his April utility bill and an improvement in the home's comfort level.


  • Total cost of weatherizing the Padilla home: $1,142
  • Estimated annual energy bill savings for the Padilla home: $579/year
  • Estimated payback period: 2.0 years
  • Other Benefits: Improvement in comfort and safety levels