New Mexico Villagra Building

The Villagra Building is owned by the State of New Mexico and is home to the office of the New Mexico Attorney General. The building, originally built in 1934 as the Public Welfare Department, was the first building constructed with New Deal money in New Mexico and is listed in the State Register of Cultural Properties.

In 2004, a complete retrofit of the existing building was undertaken in conjunction with a new addition to the complex. The retrofit of Villagra Building was the first project in New Mexico to achieve LEED Gold level certification. The building design incorporates many energy efficiency measures:

  • HVAC System
    • Four-pipe fan coil HVAC system has Energy Recovery Units which capture waste hear from ventilation system
    • Variable speed drives on ventilation system
    • Occupancy sensors turn off heating or cooling when a room is unoccupied
    • "Economizer" mode available to use 100% outside air when temperature and humidity permits this
    • Direct Digital Control system controls room temperature and ventilation and responds to CO2 sensors to modulate air supply
    • High efficiency boiler
  • Lighting
    • Daylighting system includes auto-dimming feature when daylight is sufficient
    • Occupant sensors switch off lights when a room is unoccupied
  • Building Envelope
    • R-30 roof achieved by adding insulation to top floor ceiling interior
    • R-11 insulation added to exterior concrete walls
    • Original 1934 double hung single glazed windows' thermal performance was enhanced with high-tech ceramic film while retaining historic character


  • Retrofit certification level: LEED-CI Gold
  • Energy performance: 31% better than ASHRAE 90.1-2004
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduction: 58,000 lbs per year